Website Builder (constructor de siteuri)
Website Builder (constructor de siteuri)

Clevada Suite - modules and applications:

Depending on your needs, you can activate only needed modules for your website or application

Website Builder
Build websites using content blocks. No development knowledge required
Content Management
Create blog, articles or landing pages on your website
Sell phisical products, downloadable items or services
Community Forum
Create a community for your website
Support Tickets
Add tickets system to support your customers
Build custom online forms to collect data from visitors
Knowledge Base
Make a documentation for your services or products
Create tasks and assign to your staff members
Invoicing and payments
Create invoice. Let your customers pay using PayPal / credit cards
Internal accounts
Internal accounts for your staff to manage allowed content or collaborate
Ads Management
Manage ads to show on your website using ads blocks
Template editor
Manage navigation links, footer content, logos and styles from admin area

Coming soon:

This modules are in development process

Internal network to collaborate between staff members
Email Marketing
Create email campaigns and send bulk emails to customers
Send newsletters to subscribers
Projects management
Manage complex projects and assign to multiple employee
Add booking system to your website
Live Chat
Add a live chat to your website with multilingual settings
Video meetings
Meetings, video conference, webinars, virtual classrooms
Create polls on your website