Ticketing System / Support Tickets

Tickets allows your organization to manage and maintain a list of common issues or questions that your customers may be having. When a customer submits a query, a ticket is created and shared between the customer and the support rep. The ticket logs their communication on a thread that can be used as a reference by each party.

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Ticketing System / Support Tickets

Create support departments so the customer can choose the right department to send a support ticket to.

Custom fields

Create complex forms with custom fields for each department. Customize the data collected from your customers

Internal Tasks

If a ticket require team collaboration, you can create internal task for a specific ticket with to-do list for agents.

Assign and Transfer

Transfer tickets between departments to be handled by the correct agents, or assign tickets to a particular agent.

Manage tickets (admin area)
Ticket details (admin area)
Tickets (client area)
Ticket details (client area)