Manage passwords, secrets, notes and protect sensitive data with Clevada Vault. For personal use or teams.

Clevada Vault is a secure password manager that manages passwords, notes and other sensitive information. Secure, store, and control access to passwords, logins, tokens, certificates, and encryption keys for protecting secrets and other sensitive data

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Manage passwords, secrets, notes and protect sensitive data with Clevada Vault. For personal use or teams.
Strong Encryption

All passwords, notes and sensitive data are encrypted and no-one can view your data content.

For Teams and Personal Use

Clevada Vault can be used as a secure password and notes manager for teams, families or personal use.

Organized access with folders

Organize passwords and confidential data into folders for easy password management and sharing to your team.

Unlimited passwords and notes

Add unlimited content: folders, passwords, notes.

Data privacy and security
Data privacy and security

Private by default 

We can’t see passwords or sensitive information stored in Clevada Vault, so we can’t use it, share it, or sell it, and neither can anyone else.

Data encryption

All sensitive data are encrypted in our database. Even in the event of a data leak (yes, it has happened to big companies), the contents of your sensitive data are encrypted and cannot be decrypted.

Data isolation

Each client has a separate database where passwords and other sensitive content are stored, so the possibility of the contents of the database being accessed by other clients is zero.

End-to-end encryption. 

All sensitive data in your Clevada Vault is end-to-end encrypted. This makes it impossible for someone to see original content by intercepting your data while it’s in transit.

Clevada Vault - Frequently Asked Question

Clevada Vauls is a feature in that can be enabled in our Clevada Software Suite, that lets individuals and businesses create, store, access, and manage all their credentials from a centralized place. 

Clevada Vault serve as a repository to store not just passwords but also other sensitive data such as licenses, certificates, keys, notes, agreements, server credentials, private databases, and more. The good thing is that you can share this information with others in your organization. Password sharing is essential to performing enterprise tasks, but employees need a secure means to share those passwords within their network.

Let’s assume that there is a common account that must be used by multiple teams in an organization. In that case, password managers let you share that account with other groups with different access levels. Business password managers also let users manage common folders for specific departments and project teams.

In organizations and companies, people still use weak passwords, or reuse the same password across multiple accounts or websites. Such practices enable cybercriminals to steal passwords to easily breach enterprise networks. Passwords with privileged access are particularly attractive to cybercriminals, since they can use this one single “key” to access many resources for malicious purposes.

The risks of such attacks increase when organizations don’t properly manage their passwords. A password vault is one way for organizations to minimize the risk of password-based cyberattacks.

Having a password manager is one of the most significant security investments that your organization can make to prevent cyberattacks. Consolidating credentials in a single repository, centralized visibility and accountability, password randomization, automated rotation, and role-based access control workflows help organizations shrink overall attack surface and thwart unauthorized access.

A password manager secures data by letting you store and manage your credentials in a centralized vault. To protect all the data, password managers use an encryption, such as the AES-256-bit encryption. To access this encrypted database, you need an encryption key or a master password, which is usually held only by the application administrator. Password managers help automate password resets during instances of account lockout, eases password sharing among team members.

Clevada Vault allow you to store your passwords on the cloud. We takes the sole liability for safeguarding all your credentials. The key advantage of Clevada Vault is that you can use your password manager from anywhere as long as you have an active internet connection. This makes it an appealing choice for both individuals and businesses.

Clevada Vault is a module integrated in Clevada Suite, so you don't need to pay anything more for this feature.

You can use Clevada Vault as individual (to store your personal passwords, notes, keys...) or as a company (give access to vault to your internal users).

Clevada Vault is FREE

Clevada Vault is a module integrated in Clevada Suite, so you don't need to pay anything more for this feature.