Clevada: #1 Free Suite and Website Builder for Business, Communities, Teams or Personal Websites

Free Business Software Suite and Website Builder, with CMS, eCommerce, Forum, Help Desk, CRM, Forms, Tasks, Tickets and Marketing. Create a free website for your business, community, team or personal project.

Website Builder
Website Builder

Clevada Website Builder allows you to create a website without coding experience.

Add contact forms, maps, blogs, videos, and photo galleries.

Manage navigation menus, sidebars, footer, homepage content and more. Manage fonts, colors, content blocks, layout style and more. Add content blocks (text, images, videos, sliders, maps, ads, forms, latest content and even custom code).

Create Landing Pages. Creating additional landing pages should be easy for marketing purposes.

Business modules

eCommerce module: Create a free eCommerce website to sell physical products, intangible items (downloads, software, eBooks, audio / video files and more) or even services.

Financial module: Manage orders, shipping, payments, discount coupons. Create invoices and get paid using PayPal, Stripe or credit cards.

Tasks: Tasks are the actions you need to do. For example, you might set a Task to remind you to call a contact or resolve a service. You can convert a form message (from a customer) into a task. Customers can have (optionally) access to some task details.

Support Tickets: A support ticket is a document that records interactions between a customer and a customer support team. When a customer submits a query, a ticket is created and shared between the customer and the support operator.

Business modules
Most advanced multi-language website builder
Most advanced multi-language website builder

Create unlimited languages. For each language, you can set time zone, date and time style display. Each static page have own language version (different content, titles, SEO settings, URL slug. For posts, you can create different categories for each language and add post content for each language.

If you have more than one language, any content block will have own content in each language. You can manage translates for each language directly in administrator area.

The Most Powerful Free and Open Source Business Suite

You don't have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for other business software when there is a free and powerful suite.

While most SAAS site builders have focused on building your site on their servers, with no code access or limited access to your data, you can download Clevada Suite and install it on your own server.

Free Download
Download Clevada Suite and install it on your own server

Clevada Suite - modules and applications:

Depending on your needs, you can activate only needed modules for your website or application

Website Builder
Build websites using content blocks. No development knowledge required
Content Management
Create blog, articles or landing pages on your website
Sell phisical products, downloadable items or services
Community Forum
Create a community for your website
Support Tickets
Add tickets system to support your customers
Build custom online forms to collect data from visitors
Knowledge Base
Make a documentation for your services or products
Create tasks and assign to your staff members
Invoicing and payments
Create invoice. Let your customers pay using PayPal / credit cards
Internal accounts
Internal accounts for your staff to manage allowed content or collaborate
Ads Management
Manage ads to show on your website using ads blocks
Template editor
Manage navigation links, footer content, logos and styles from admin area

Coming soon:

This modules are in development process

Internal network to collaborate between staff members
Email Marketing
Create email campaigns and send bulk emails to customers
Send newsletters to subscribers
Projects management
Manage complex projects and assign to multiple employee
Add booking system to your website
Live Chat
Add a live chat to your website with multilingual settings
Video meetings
Meetings, video conference, webinars, virtual classrooms
Create polls on your website